What is an Augmented Reality (AR) app? 
An Augmented Reality or AR app takes users on an interactive journey combining the real world and computer-generated experiences. 

Why create an AR app for Discover Ashfield?
Creating an AR app allows people who live, work, visit, study, and do business in the area to learn more about its history and heritage, as well as the figures that influenced this Nottinghamshire district. Ashfield has a rich history of culture, politics, and industry, and today's landmarks act as a gateway to its fascinating past. 

What can you do on the Discover Ashfield AR app?
First, click on the links to download the app. Second, get ready to learn about what the district of Ashfield has to offer, whether you live, work, study, do business here, or are just visiting the area. Third, tap into the 21 AR experiences to discover the fascinating history and heritage of this part of Nottinghamshire, from its collieries and cricketers to its literary figures and pioneers. 

How does it work?
When you open the app you will see a welcome screen as the AR app experiences are downloaded to your mobile or tablet device. 

Users can choose from three different menu options. There is a map of Ashfield showcasing the different points of interest, walking and cycling trails, and landmarks around the district. The second option is a handy list of the best places to shop, visit, and learn about the area. Lastly, you can dive straight into the AR experiences that have been created specially for this app.  

How do I try out the AR Trail?
Simply click on AR Trail from the main menu and choose the experience you want to discover, such as Hucknall Aerodrome where you can take a flight of discover through this historic landmark. 

The AR experiences can be activated from anywhere in the world - just follow the directions on the app.

The AR photo experiences bring to life people and places from Ashfield's rich and varied history. Click on the pictures to discover a unique snapshot of the area. Once you have visited an AR Experience, it will be shown on the app as Discovered.